Angel Oil "God Tree" "Spirited Tree"

Organic Tamanu oil. Carefully Selected. Rare and Pure


Safety Precautions:

Carefully selected 100% Organic Oil, below are three of the items that can be purchased at Angel Oil. Please do not apply oils directly into your eyes. If oils get into the eye, quickly wipe or flush the eyes. Please  stop using the oils if you develop any skin conditions. If you are allergic to nuts, ask your doctor whether or not you should be using oil.


Tamanu oil has

24 times more antioxidants than olive oil making it amazingly effective oil

Organic Tamanu Oil

The oil's ability of high absorbency makes it not only ideal for skin rejuvenation, but also effective on nerve and muscle pain relief.


What makes Tamanu Oil special? Penetration capability on skin, reaches from epidermis, dermis, to subcutaneous tissue.


Thus, the small amount of oil can soften and recover the damaged skin.

Our oil is carefully selected pure oil.


Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

This natural oil is suggested to apply as skin rejuvenation and on the small wart. It contains 65% of the oleic acid, known as one of the best oil for its richness and gentleness on skin. It helps to smooth the skin and repairs damaged skin.

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